Decor Tips

The artwork you choose to adorn your walls can tell your unique story. An empty wall can leave your space feeling impersonal, blank. However, when you introduce the right art, your space becomes a canvas of culture and personality. These are some expert tips to help you transform your space into a captivating and harmonious environment, reflecting your passions and individuality.

1. Selecting the Perfect Canvas Size

Choosing the right canvas size is essential for achieving a balanced and visually appealing display. Here's a detailed breakdown:

Small Spaces (10"x8" to 16"x12"): In compact areas like hallways or bathrooms, smaller canvases are a great choice. They fit comfortably without overpowering the space. Consider single pieces or small groupings for a cohesive look.

Medium Spaces (18"x12" to 30"x24"): These sizes are versatile and work well in most rooms. For bedrooms, go for a 24"x18" canvas above the bed to create a focal point. In kitchens or home offices, consider 36"x24" canvases for a more substantial presence.

Large Spaces (32"x24" and above): In spacious rooms like living areas, dining spaces or hotel lobbies larger canvas prints make a bold statement. Consider placing a 48"x32" canvas above the sofa in the living room or a set of oversized canvases for a dramatic effects.

2. Color Harmony with Your Walls

The colors of your canvas prints can either harmonize with or contrast effectively against your wall color to create a captivating effect:

Contrasting Colors: If your walls are white or light-colored, canvas prints with vivid, contrasting hues like black, yellow, red, or blue can create a striking contrast. This adds vibrancy and energy to the room, making the artwork pop.

Complementary Colors: On gray or neutral walls, opt for canvas prints with complementary colors. Earthy tones like browns, deep blues, or muted greens can blend seamlessly with the wall color, adding warmth and balance to the space.

3. Hanging Height for Canvas Prints

Properly positioning your canvas prints is crucial to achieve an aesthetically pleasing arrangement:

Eye Level: To ensure your artwork is easily visible and forms a cohesive display, hang your canvas prints at eye level, typically around 57-60 inches from the floor. This height allows viewers to engage with the artwork comfortably.

4. Canvas Types for Different Spaces

Consider the unique characteristics and functions of each space when selecting the type of canvas:

Living Room: In the living room, larger canvases with captivating abstract designs can serve as focal points. Consider multi-panel canvas sets or a single oversized piece to make a statement.

Bedroom: Create a tranquil atmosphere in the bedroom with calming prints inspired by elements like water or ether. Smaller canvases above the bed or a diptych above the headboard can add visual interest.

Kitchen: To energize your kitchen, opt for vibrant artwork, such as fire or wind-themed prints. Consider smaller canvases or a gallery wall arrangement to infuse energy into the culinary space.

Bathroom: Given the moisture-prone environment, choose canvas prints with moisture-resistant coatings and serene nature motifs like water or earth. Smaller sizes are suitable for bathroom decor.

Work Space: Enhance creativity and productivity in your workspace with motivational abstract art. Consider a single large canvas behind your desk or smaller pieces arranged in a grid for a dynamic effect.

Hotels and Restaurants: Make a memorable impression in common areas with large, eye-catching canvas pieces. In guest rooms, opt for soothing nature-themed prints to create a welcoming and serene atmosphere.

Luxury Shops: Elevate the ambiance of your luxury shop with unique and elegant canvas prints that reflect your brand's aesthetic.

Remember, personal preferences and style are essential in your selection process. Mixing and matching canvas prints can add layers of visual interest and personality to your living or working spaces. Explore our diverse collection of abstract canvas prints inspired by nature's elements and tailored to your passions to express your unique identity and interests in your decor.