Meet Valentina

Civil Engineer turned a self-taught abstract artist


Welcome to my store, where the worlds of engineering and art converge in captivating ways. I am Valentina Gómez Minotas, a civil engineer with a sole devotion: creating abstract art.

My artistic journey began at the age of ten and has since blossomed into a true passion. Through oil, patina, and acrylic techniques, I skillfully channel my deepest emotions into stunning artworks.

My latest creations depict landscapes with a breathtaking fusion of geometrical and vivid forms, creating a mesmerizing contrast. Each masterpiece is meticulously handcrafted with love, resulting in unique and evocative pieces that speak to the heart.

Explore my collection and experience the profound beauty of pure art.
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My Story

Since high school, I held an unwavering ambition to become a civil engineer. Through hard work and dedication, I saw my aspirations materialize into reality. For nine years, I immersed myself in the world of construction, gaining valuable experience and contributing to the creation of remarkable structures. However, deep within my heart, I always felt a tug toward something that resonated with my inner creative spirit.

From early childhood, I found solace and joy in drawing and painting, but I never truly explored the depths of my artistic potential. Over time, I began occasionally painting on canvas, expressing my thoughts, emotions, and visions through vibrant colors, bold brushstrokes, and intriguing forms. Now, taking a leap of faith, I have fully committed myself to the realm of abstract art, driven by a profound passion for painting. This decision was fueled by the desire to answer the calling within me and embrace the path I was destined for.

As I delved deeper into this art form, I discovered an immense sense of liberation and fulfillment. With each stroke of the brush, I pour my heart and soul onto the canvas, seeking to communicate emotions, evoke introspection, and transcend the boundaries of conventional representation. The world of abstract art became my sanctuary, a place where I could channel my innermost thoughts and emotions onto the canvas, creating a visual language that spoke directly to the soul.

Every artwork is an invitation to embark on a visual journey, explore the depths of imagination and connect with the essence of abstract art through my new collection.